Yamaha maintenance & services
Yamaha Genuine Parts & Accessories

Service & Maintenance

Your motorbike will be serviced and cared for by our experienced, highly trained technicians.

We use Yamaha Genuine Parts and Yamalube Lubricants, as recommended by the Yamaha Factory to ensure your motorbike receives the best treatment available.

We are the authorised service centre for Yamaha Motorbikes.

We have all the latest service tools.

We complete all Yamaha Factory Training Courses to ensure that we up to date with all training.

We receive all the latest service bulletins, service manuals and parts catalogues.

We have highly factory-trained representatives that we can call on if we need help.

We take pride in being professional motorbike repairers.

We specialise in Yamaha Motorbikes, but we can work on all makes & models with the latest in Sierra Systems.

Why should I get my motorbike serviced?

Servicing your motorbike is an important aspect and ensures safety for you and your family. Regular servicing means you can count on the reliability and performance of your motor and maintain a higher resale value for when you are ready to upgrade.

How often should I get my motorbike serviced?

It is important to keep to the required servicing schedule of your motorbike.

The first service is due at 20 hours of operation or 3 months, whichever is sooner. After that, either every 100 hours of operation or 12 months, again whichever comes first.

We are highly trained and very professional in the fitting motorbike accessories and take the time to ensure the job is done right the first time.