Our Values

Our values are our culture.  They reflect what we stand for.  They guide our personal, team and company behaviour and decision making.  At AJL it is everyone’s responsibility to deliver the highest quality service that fits our values and beliefs.

We value:

  • A safety culture where high standards of performance are matched by every individual fulfilling their safety responsibilities and there are timely responses and interventions to all safety issues and personnel concerns.  The effectiveness of our safety culture is judged by our recorded data.
  • Accountability where we accept individual and team responsibilities.  We meet commitments and deadlines, we do what we say and take responsibility for our own performance in our actions and decisions.
  • Empowered people and empowered teams who are supported by each other’s efforts, loyal to one another and who care personally and professionally for others welfare.  We encourage innovation and open communication and strive to treat everyone fairly and with respect.
  • Quality service where customers can expect to receive services on time, every time and where people take pride in their work and achievements.